This is how it works. (assuming the applet even loads):

The goal is to get the ball into the grey area.
Aim the ball using the arrow keys or the mouse cursor
Hit the space bar or press the right mouse button to release the ball.
R restarts the current level.
N to go to the next level.
P to go to the previous level.
Go here to view the best scores

There are currently 20 levels

Update History

- Added: Buttons to reset or go to prev/next level
- Added 4 new levels
- Changed: Tweaked level 16...again.

- Changed: Tweaked level 16.

- Added: One new level
- Changed: Spirals modified to allow for multiple...thingies (see lvl 16)

- Added: Four new levels
- Added: New object: Wormholes

- Added: Option to submit your scores
- Added: Your total score (sum of all scores) is now shown
- Added: 'P' to go to the previous level

- Added: More levels!

- Added: A marker to see where you aimed on the previous shot
- Added: Now possible to aim with the mouse for increased accuracy
- Changed: Tweaked several levels to suit previously mentioned changes
- Changed: Slight tweaks to the Gravity Well equations
- Changed: Engine changed for increased accuracy around Gravity Wells
- Added: Levels 7, 8 and 9
- Added: New object: Spiral, tis like a rotating wall

- Changed: Aiming is now more precise
- Added: Level 6 and a sandbox level
- Changed: Most levels adjusted to suit this new equation better
- Changed: "Gravity wells" now use a more realistic equation