Last updated: v0.50

How to use
1. Put shipstrings from MadoxCalc 2.2 in the textfields.
2. Check the active column if you want the ship to participate in combat.
3. Uncheck it if there is no valid shipstring in the textfield, you'll get errors if you don't.
4. Make sure the trigger/target options are at a valid shipstring.
5. Click "FIRE!" to start combat.

Explanation of the options:
Resolve Combat: Combat continues automatically untill one side is dead or fully EMPed
Analyze: The selected option is performed a number of times, the actual result depends on the selected option.
Show All Reports: It's recommended to turn this off when using "Resolve Combat", unless you want to simulate lag. "Show All Reports" is always off for resolving port raids. When turned off it will only show to final combat report when "Resolve Combat" is used
Repair All: Repair armor when repairing all damage, even if the ship can't repair armor itself.
Auto Repair: Repairs the attackers fully between combat rounds in "Resolve Combat", but only what the attackers can repair themselves unless "Repair All" is on.
Firemode: This column is ignored in the first combat round, after that you can use it to change the firemode of a ship midcombat.
Rounds Fired: Shows how many rounds have been fired.
Max Rounds: Used in combination with "Resolve Combat", "Resolve Combat" will never last longer then the value input here.
# of tests: Used in combination with "Analyze", this determines how tests are performed to determine the result.
Switch Attackers/Defenders: Changes the defenders into attackers and vice versa, can be used in midcombat.

The Ship Database: Fairly straightforward, you can filter on 3 categories, click the copy link and it will appear in the combat sim

Other stuff
The percentage between ()'s is the accuracy of the weapon fired (always 80% against drones).
The percentage between []'s is the armor damage reduction for the defender.

The sim seems to work best in Mozilla Firebird, looks like it's faster then in IE here.