Current version: v

Changed: Selfreps are now done before the stats are shown, and full reps are done after, instead of both after.

Fixed: Resonance and Torpedo weapons were seen as the same class

Added: A new value to the shipstring stating for how many combat rounds you at least want to have ammo. Ammo space is then distributed accordingly, where the first slots get priority of the last slots

Added: Several well-known Scourge weapons, these are also available in the shipcalc
Added: New page that lists all the weapons currently available in the sim

Added: New Option: Attempt Boarding, after each combat round, a board check will be run against the target ship, if succesfull the target ship will be disabled, and the new target ship will be the first ship available from the top
Added: New Option: Allow Disabling, besides destroying, fully EMPing a ship will also count as a victory

Fixed: Superclass equips didn't work on siege weapons (Mortars/PPWs)

Fixed: When analyzing, the port acc mod would be set incorrectly

Fixed: Port accuracy modifier for number of ships.

Fixed: Criticals versus ports were buggered

Added: Ports!
Fixed: Kitaran init bonus for the SRG
Fixed: Aura bug, negative auras didn't always work properly
Fixed: Defender level was counted twice for determining drone accuracy against ships

Added: You can now automatically select a ship database by putting it in the url likes this:

Added: Switch Attackers/Defenders option

Fixed: Auras weren't reset after combat
Added: Ship Database is back, with some nifty new features

Fixed: The difference between siege and normal weapons was conveniently left out
Fixed: Damage dealt to drones by drones was counted twice for the statistics
Added: Index # of the ship that is being referred to in reports
Fixed: Combat didn't always continue as it should after a ship exploded

Fixed: 'Analyze Full Combat' didn't display the results correctly
Fixed: 'Max Rounds' wasn't read properly and ignored in some cases

Fixed: Resonance weapons weren't working properly

Added: Things there were forgotten in 0.1...

Added: The new 2.3 equations...let's be optimistic and say they're all added
Updated: New interface, less cluttered = win