Fixed: Auras weren't updated when a ship died
Fixed: ARM didn't work properly in some cases

Updated: New ARM thingies

Added: Interface to "easily" perform tournaments (requires some basic javascript, example)
Added: Ship database
Fixed: Require Vis option wasn't working as it should

Added: New option "Require Visibility", when checked, the trigger must have more than 0% chance to see the target to initiate combat

Fixed: Target selection is now truely random, always....don't ask >.>

Fixed: Little rounding error with FTorps and the ammo rack
Fixed: Ammunition rack was being ignored
Added: Present auras are now printed out before the first combat round, auras at 0 are ignored
Updated: Defender EMP damage raised to 120-200
Added: Reload option for attackers and defenders, it's under Advanced Options
Fixed: Ammo check wasnt peformed properly, stock could go negative

Updated: Stealth per upgrade is now based on shipsize, -1 for every shipsize above 4

Updated: Damage on all siege weapons adjusted
Fixed: Non-AI dmg mod display bug
Updated: Defender Missile Launcher damage ranges, -shd/arm dmg

Updated: Beam Regulators now give +10% dmg and -25% power usage
Updated: Taenarian Radiance Cannon damage ranges, -shd/drn dmg
Updated: Sniv Chain Cannon damage ranges, +arm dmg
Updated: Wraith Burst Beam damage ranges, +shd/arm/drn dmg, +crt multiplier
Updated: Pulsar bleedthrough raised to 50% of armor damage
Updated: EMP Drones now deal 10 shield dmg, Sniv/Wraith get +/- 2, defense is still 5(+/-1) and emp damage is raised to a flat 5 per drone

Fixed: Display bug when launching drones at shields
Added: Polloid EMP vulnerability, they now suffer 25% more EMP damage from weapons
Fixed: Polloid no longer have -30 base manuever :)
Updated: Zallun no longer have -30 base manuever
Added: Scourge racial IRM bonus, +5 to all selfrep rates

Fixed: Siege weapons weren't detected properly
Fixed: Immortal EMP drone bug

Added: Javelin weapons now consume power
Updated: Stealth Coating now fully stacks with the Cloaking Device, giving +4 stealth (+5 for Wraith)
Fixed: Chassis now applied after aura's, off equip and dmg increase from damps, and before everything else
Fixed: Drone vs deploy should deal 25% of total damage
Fixed: EMP damage no longer reduced by deploy (this also includes powerdrain)
Added: Bleedthrough damage for Pulsar weapons, currently set at 25% of armor damage
Added: Scourge and Wraith group modifiers
Added: RMF (Helix equip) increasing damage, crit rate and power consumption
Added: Polymorphic Armor reducing Energy and Particle damage by 25%
Updated: Static racial traits updated (non-group/alignment stuff)
Updated: Weapons and ships updated/added
Updated: Minor interface changes